Our personal psychology is made of the many thoughts, beliefs, ideas and judgments. These thoughts and beliefs are often the result of erroneous conclusions we made as children and carried forward into present time. Some we have adopted from friends, family, society and even the media. What so often causes us emotional pain is that these thoughts and beliefs are not in alignment with the truth of who we are and do not support our wellbeing.

Frequently our minds are busy worrying, nagging, obsessing, and criticizing, due to these erroneous beliefs. We suffer due to ideas and beliefs that stem from negative ‘programming’ that our mind believes is true! This ‘programming’ interferes with our happiness. The expression of love toward ourselves and others can be compromised. Since we are not operating from our authentic nature, our inherent gifts and talents are not being fully utilized.

Our thoughts and beliefs carry energy. One spiritual law informs us that “form follows thought”. This means that we are attracting circumstances in our lives through our thoughts, beliefs and conclusions. If this is so, then it is to our advantage to become aware of where our mind is ‘hanging out’ and uncover what thoughts, beliefs or attitudes are holding us back and which support us.

I offer practical tools and alternate perspectives that help you notice and release thoughts and beliefs that are not supportive of your wellbeing. Through these processes, you are able to transmute the energy to a higher vibration and begin to free yourself from programing that is not in alignment with your authentic self.

Utilizing these tools and principles offers the opportunity to know more deeply the truth of who we are and act in the world from that position. It is also an opportunity to heal the wounds of our past and understand our own human psyche. (the word ‘psyche’ is derived from the Greek word for soul).

Once we begin to free ourselves, we are able to express ourselves authentically rather than from programmed responses held in the mind. We are then open to our creative nature, our joy, and our inherent well being. We need to learn new ways of relating to ourselves that allow the spiritual SELF, our Soul, to guide us and become the primary voice, because the Soul is the voice of our true essence.